Winners Announcements – Internet Explorer 8 Award, Opera House July 8th 2010

Winners Announcements – Internet Explorer 8 Award, Opera House July 8th 2010
Winners Announcements – Internet Explorer 8 Award, Opera House July 8th 2010
Image by ImagineCup
The Windows Internet Explorer 8 Award competition is designed to recognize software applications that create enhanced user experience by leveraging Web Slices, Accelerators and Search Providers in Internet Explorer. The ability to create user experiences that go beyond the norm is important in building user bases, generating buzz and keeping users engaged. The experience you gain by participating in this award will help you and your team build important technical skills that are highly valued in the job market.

From left to right:


2nd: Team LittleRitle from Poland
-Marta Kaczmarek
-Karol Kaczmarek

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