Video Training: Domain Management and C Panel

The First Part of Our Video Course.


How to register a domain name

How to set domain nameservers

How to buy web hosting

How to work with CPanel

 How to use Fantastico (this will setup your WordPress blog)

 How to setup your email in CPanel

 How to setup an email frowarder in CPanel

 How to read your web stats

 How to delete your Fantastico installation

 How to buy bulk domains

All of us want to live the internet life, but so few of us actually do it. It’s not terribly difficult, but it does require some patience, training, and discipline. You do know what the internet life is don’t you… that’s where you spend a couple of hours a day on your laptop, handling your enterprises, at your location of choice. Myself, I like the beach, or at the back deck in Louie’s Backyard, Key West.

That’s what you have AFTER you have built your blogging empire, and it is making daily money for you. In the meantime, you need to focus on building your network of blogs. Follow the training videos here, and you can get started.







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