Put Your Website on Steroids

We were looking around for software to create backlinks to our money making websites. Since Google made their recent algorithm changes, SEO (search engine optimization) has been even more about backlinks. The backlinks have to appear natural and nearly random. We thought we’d look at the products on the market and come up with some ideas to create our own.We ran into a serious problem though.

First, we tried Backlink Beast. This software frankly left a lot to be desired. I had to move the first version from my desktop computer to one I didn’t use all the time because it accessed the websites using the Windows clipboard which would change the data I was trying to copy and paste in my normal work. They fixed that finally, but the failure rate was astronomical and the user interface made no sense at all. I ran the stuff for around three months which gave me a good idea of how it worked. Badly. It was a video game that looked like things were happening, but when you really looked at the log files and checked the resulting backlinks, There was very little happening. This actually’ encouraged us because we knew we could create a product that would blow this away.

Then I downloaded Magic Submitter. I was amazed by the difference. to start with, the first month was only $4.95. I know now why it started so cheap. They knew that if you used this software for a full month to promote your websites, it would increase you traffic to the point that you would keep running if forever. As I began using this software, I went through the training which is constantly being revised and added to. The user interface took a bit of work to fully understand it, but only because the software does do much. After setting up a few campaigns by going through the quick start step by step methods, I found a wizard that allowed me to create the articles and information for a campaign and get it running in around an hour. This for a system that would drip feed backlinks onto my sites for 15 days.

After running this for a couple of weeks we knew that our time was better served by spending the time using Magic Submitter rather than creating a competing product. It really is great stuff, and for $4.95 to give it a try for a long enough time to really get it running, You just can’t beat it. I whooly recommend this software.

Magic Submitter

Put Your Website on Steroids