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Backlink Pirate  Free Backlink Software

Every year it becomes more difficult to rank highly on the Google search engine. A few years ago all you needed to do was optimize your blog title, and salt your posts with some keywords that you wanted to rank for. Then just get a few links from other sites to point to your site and you were good to go.


These days it’s a lot more difficult. You need some high authority backlinks, but that’s not all. You need a mix of different kinds of backlinks pointing to your website. You need both do follow and no follow links or your site won’t appear natural. You need to slowly build your linking starting with a few a day. You have to be careful to not put up a lot of backlinks until your web traffic builds up or Google will ban your web site.


You can use SENuke or Magic submitter to send lots of backlinks to your site, but the problem is that if you send too many you get banned, and since you have to pay a subscription every month, you’re going to drop $300-$400 bucks  what with decaptcha subscriptions and indexing subscriptions before you can even send enough links o make the expense worthwhile.


That’s why I came up with the Backlink Pirate software. This is not fully automated and is not designed for hundreds of links a day. You can use it for free to push a dozen or so high authority links per day to your website. Links that will give you some traction, but not so many that will get you in trouble.


The best thing is that your investment is just your domain name and website. You can put up some content, write it your self, or buy a few posts for $2-3 bucks apiece to get going.  Run this for a month or two and you will find that you site will start to move up in the search engine rankings without alll the expense and all the risk. It’s a win-win.

Grab Backlink Pirate here. Then check out the instructional video here.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to use.

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